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Procurement By Entrepreneurs

Ven Global is the procurement arm of the Omnam real estate group, a global developer and manager of hotel and other building projects.  It was initially founded to meet Omnam’s need for quality and cost effective interior décor and building materials.

We have expanded and now also provide a full service function for independent building projects.

We have 15 years of experience in construction procurement, ranging from hotels and shopping malls to residential buildings.

Our international team is based in Hong Kong, China and Tel Aviv.

Sourcing from China

Cost is a main factor in building projects and sourcing from China can reduce it dramatically.

However sourcing in china is not that simple: cultural and linguistic differences can have a significant, usually detrimental, effect on the procurement process.  The understanding of products is different in the East and even small changes that would be suitable in China can be unacceptable by western standards.  

Only a very deep understanding of the processes involved, and clear and correct communication with all parties can reduce misunderstanding and quality issues.

We have that deep understanding. We have that experience.

With that, ongoing 100% quality control by a team independent of the factory is always made to ensure the product is completed according to plan with the required quality and on time.

You design. We deliver.

We consider each project a new adventure and each client to be our partner in its success.

We're excited for you to see what we can create with your ideas and our obsession with beautiful design and cutting edge solutions.

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